Do you remember Mar-Lin-Do Lanes?

13 Dec

It was at 1600 North San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank, where San Fernando makes the curve and heads toward the I-5 Freeway. It closed on August 31, 1984, to give way to an apartment complex. The photos you see here were from the last evening of its existence. We begged the new owner to change his mind, but he wouldn’t budge. So we pressured him to, at the very least, name his new apartments the Marlindo Apartments. This is a tribute to the Burbank landmark where many of us spent most of our free time. If you were to drop in on just about any evening, you’d see us, Joe Veraldi, Kevin Kelly and Don Ray keeping score for both the early and the late bowling leagues. We’d take in $5 plus a Coke or two for each of the leagues. And while we kept score, we did our homework. On Saturdays mornings, we’d bowl in the Junior League and then jump in Kevin and John Kelly’s mother’s tank Cadillac and head off to represent Marlindo in the Junior Traveling League. Owner Jim Redini, Desk Manager Katie Schreiner (and sometimes her sons) and Cocktail Waitress Rita Hodges looked after us. If we screwed up, Jim Redini would point to the exit and yell OUT! Please enjoy your stay before he kicks you out too!






















The Billiard Room

This is the mural that was in the cocktail lounge.

Katie Schreiner ran the counter and kept us kids in line. We loved her and called her “Aunt Katie.”



The guy pointing at you is the owner, Jim Redini. His wife is next to him.

Just for old-time sake, he gave a repeat performance of his famous “OUT!”


Kevin Kelly, Jim Redini and Joe Veraldi, Jr. in the black bowling shirt that he wore back in 1966 as a member of the Marlindo Junior Traveling League. I think he dieted for months go fit himself in that shirt. Grrrrr!

Then it’s Jim Redini at the bar and Kevin Kelly to his left.

Aunt Katie and Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly, Aunt Katie, Don Ray, Joe Veraldi, Jr.


Cocktail Waitress Rita Hodges. I wish I could locate her son, Ronnie Hodges. If you know him, please have him get in touch with Don Ray.

Kevin Kelly, Aunt Rita Hodges and Joe Veraldi, Jr. being literal when they heard the command, “Arms around each other.”

This is what they were supposed to do.


Don Ray and Aunt Rita Hodges

I think she was a cocktail waitress.



The pinsetting machines with Joe Veraldi, Jr., in the distance.





The pinsetting machines with Joe Veraldi, Jr., in the foreground.


Joe Veraldi with two of the mechanics.


Every night, after the late league ended, many bowlers stayed around for the Single Sweeper. If they bowled well, they won some money.


This is the line-up of the 1966 Marlindo Junior Traveling League Team.


And this is the guy who bought Marlindo and then tore it down. Damn!


One last look at a neighborhood landmark.